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Our Showroom
Our Showroom

As Managing Director of Gleneagles Furniture Centre, I’ve worked in the business for thirty years, man and boy. I’ve watched my Dad run the store, made the tea, travelled to visit customers, learnt about every aspect of the company and even owned the furniture myself. In a nutshell, I’ve lived and breathed the Gleneagles Furniture Centre ethos my whole life. With experiences of taking part in everything furniture-related, from making deliveries when I was fourteen years old, to visiting factories to see how our products are made, to buying the furniture we stock in store, I feel I am qualified to speak both for our reputation as a company and the quality of the brands we sell.

With over fifty years’ experience serving customers in Auchterarder and the surrounding areas, we here at Gleneagles Furniture Centre have an accumulated experience of working with good people and making the right decisions, both for our customers and in terms of the brands which we carefully choose to sell. Each and every member of our team shares the same desire to put customers’ needs at the heart of the way we operate. The fact that our furniture business survived a particularly difficult recession demonstrates, I believe, the fact that we have a sound business model that stands the test of time.

My aim is to offer to you good quality furniture at competitive prices, with a level of customer service which exceeds that which can be found in a ‘typical’ retail park. As I own both Gleneagles Furniture Centre and the property on which the store is built, I have a vested interest in wanting all to go well. We aim to be a company with integrity and of reputable standing in the community, and I hope that this what our customers think of us.

So please, come on down to our furniture store. We hope you’ll enjoy the atmospheric setting, as the shop is located in an old church building. We won’t hassle you to make a quick decision and we’ll be happy to spend as much time with you as you need in order to find that perfect sofa, bed, floor or other item of furniture. Anything you need, just ask – our customers are what we’re here for and nothing makes us happier than serving your needs.

Keith Macdonald
Managing Director, Gleneagles Furniture Centre

Visit Our Showroom
Visit Our Showroom
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